Maajid Nawaz and the future of his veiled intolerance – A monologue

Maajid Nawaz and the future of his veiled intolerance – A monologue

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JUST the other day, an interesting news article was circulated on a WhatsApp group I am linked to which is named (MASQ: Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam) – roughly translating in English to ‘The helpers of King of Pen’

The news article in question is titled: “Former Islamic Extremist: The far Left is helping ISIS” (link below).

And so after reading the article above, the following is the opinion I would like to voice to Mr Maajid Nawaz if I was to stumble upon him at a conference

Hi Maajid,

The reporter of the news story who wrote the piece on your works seems to be more reasonable than yourself: your curriculum vitae being that of an apparently distinguished and highly qualified theologian and author of apparently moderate written and oral works which in actuality are veiled works of deception that serve simply to discredit and undermine the teachings of the true Islam

e.g. The reporter of your story Trevor Treharne writes:

“Maajid Nawaz, who was formally a member of radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, is now seeking to CHALLENGE THE NARRATIVE OF ISLAMIC EXTREMISMS AND FORM A MORE MODERATE ISLAM”.

So Maajid, you yourself have claim – in countless previous forums -to be the voice of the ‘enlightened’ and moderate Muslims, and in the current instance, the author Trevor Treharne appears to be putting forward a neutral and unbiased rendition of the claims you have been making.

But Trevor’s neutrality in stating that you seek to “CHALLENGE ISLAMIC EXTREMISM” is overshadowed – at least in my mind – by the words that you unwittingly choose to describe the ‘challenge’ which you believe faces our society today.

e.g. you stated:

“You don’t need to be black to challenge racism, you don’t need to be gay to challenge homophobia, and YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A MUSLIM TO CHALLENGE ISLAM”

So straight off the bat, you have equated “ISLAM” with the intolerant and bigoted practices of “racism” and “homophobia”

Moreover, on the surface of it, it appears that you are adopting an inclusive strategy in your quest to ‘smooth out differences’ in opinions pertaining to religious faith, ethics and general societal conduct amongst members from different philosophical schools

e.g. you talk about including “…everyone – in the Left, Right and Centre of politics – feeling like it is our conversation to have”,

But the title of this news article I refer to reflects your prejudiced feelings quite clearly.

e.g. These are your own words Maajid: “the far Left is helping ISIS”.

So you likely have a prejudice against the far Left – who no doubt subscribe to views which are incompatible with what I’ve come to understand clearly now to be your ulterior agenda of maligning Islam

i.e. You don’t like that the far Left is apologetic and forgiving towards Islamic injunctions as laid out in the Holy Koran (Quran), in that such Leftist proponents propose that ISIS is simply a deranged group of power hungry extremists who have grossly misinterpreted the pristine teachings of the Holy Koran

The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran

You don’t want to subscribe to this assessment. You would rather subscribe to the assessment that it is in fact the teachings of the Koran which are deranged. And I say this because you have no problem with making fraudulent claims in order to push this perspective.

e.g. You make an absurd claim that: “When ISIS throws gays off the top of buildings, they are using scripture” without providing so much as Koranic inference to back up your fraudulent claim. Of course, I can tell you now, no such inferences or references will be found in the Holy Koran.

And you cover up these antagonistic claims against your own religion with a conciliatory remark designed to clear your tracks


“I’m not saying that is Islam, I am saying that is a view of Islam justified by scripture”.

So Maajid, it doesn’t appear like you really care about promoting or defending Islam, as you would have us believe by your conciliatory back tracking remark quoted above.

I say this because, when you made mention of the need to include “Left, Right and Centre of politics” to engage in open collaborative dialogue; in the same breath, you said that this apparently “rational conversation” necessarily involves talking about “reforming Islam”;

This would necessarily entail reforming the words of the Holy Koran;

And one would think that this would stand at complete odds with your constitution, considering, that you subscribe to being of Islamic faith.

Moreover, being a Muslim, surely you must realize that talking about reforming Islam is quite an offensive thing to say; because it suggests that – Islam (which true Muslims consider to be essentially, the most evolved and complete of all the religions that have been Revealed by God over the span of human civilization –

So this Holiest of scriptures, might, according to your deranged beliefs – require reformation into something better than what we already believe and know it to be.

So when you state your ‘unrest’ at “the Regressive Left’s denialism of…” your personal claim that “ISIS have got something to do with Islam”, what are you actually doing here?

Are you really concerned about coming to the defense of your faith? Or are you only concerned that “Muslim reform voices” (namely your own voice) is being “depriv[ed]… from the authority they (you) need to reclaim their faith (your exercises in self aggrandizement)  from those who are hijacking it”!?!

You must reflect deeply on this point that I have just made Maajid. I know I have just leveled a serious accusation at you Maajid. But this accusation of mine, of your focus on seeking personal glory above any sort of focus on seeking “recla[mation of] faith” can be backed up by the following analysis.

I refer here to the statement you have made regarding “specific duty”:


“Where there is a SPECIFIC DUTY is with the theologians, because the lay Muslim and obviously the non-Muslim cannot do the ACTUAL REFORM WORK IN THE THEOLOGY.”

I have a problem with this because you say that this undertaking can be likened to a “SPECIFIC DUTY” and particularly: your specific duty… because of course only you, or perhaps only others like you, who are ‘well versed’ in scripture, are the ones who are qualified and able to do the “ACTUAL REFORM WORK IN THE THEOLOGY”

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, this statement has a stinging quality to it

i.e. you may as well have said this Maajid:

“OBVIOUSLY” none of you bottom feeders are equipped with the necessary intellectual capability to tackle the idiocy that is this thing called religion and more specifically, the religion of Islam

And this “SPECIFIC DUTY” (for which I am compensated extremely handsomely for by all those who would listen to me), only I, and perhaps also my like-minded “THEOLOGIAN” buddies; only we are sufficiently cognitively equipped to handle this annoying task of “REFORMING” Islam.

So Maajid, I have to tell you here, while you may be a highly literate theologian (of sorts);

For your kind information, the reform – or rather revival work in Islam – has already been done by Promised Messiah (as) – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, who founded the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, having taken a pledge of allegiance from 40 of his loyal supporters, in the Indian spring.

The Promised Messiah - Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

The Promised Messiah – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)

and whose spiritual Caliphate (Khilafat) is operating to this day; the current Caliph (Khalifa) being none other than the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association – who resides in London, U.K. – His Holiness: Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may God be his helper)


The Supreme Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Association – Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may God be his helper)

So, when you say that:

“So there is a role for Muslim theologians in firstly being honest and candid about some of the CHALLENGING PARTS OF THE SCRIPTURE and accepting that there are challenging parts,” I’m sorry to say, but that actually does not need to happen at all.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble Maajid, but there are in actuality, no “challenging parts of the scripture”

Perhaps only for persons like yourself who aren’t able to understand the depths of the scripture. Of course this would have been more than understandable if you did not belong to the Islamic faith and/or didn’t have a vested interest in trying to understand the depths of the scripture

But you say that you are a Muslim, and a moderate one at that seeking to “reclaim the faith[!]”

And I guess it follows that you would revere the scripture of Islam or if not revere, atleast surely you would hold the Holy scripture of Islam in some regard and consider it as a source of wisdom for you and the source of inspiration for the viewpoints you SHOULD have developed over the years.

Because the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), the founder of Islam, and the champion of all Muslims; devoted his life to physically exemplifying the wisdom that is the Word of God, transcribed in the Arabic language to form the collection of verses which we refer to as the Holy Koran.

So here I hope to discredit your fraudulent claims that “in fact, there are traditions ascribed to the prophet where it says exactly the punishment that should be given to gays”

If you read the following, authentically verified peace promoting traditions of the Holy Prophet, documented by his companions and followers, you should be able to understand the point I’m trying to make

A collection of selected sayings of the Holy Prophet documented by one of the most noteworthy composers of the Prophet’s traditions:

Muhammad Ismail of Bukhara, commonly referred to as Imam Bukhari (816-878 CE) can be accessed here:

Another comprehensive publication produced by a follower of the Holy Prophet – Imam Muhyi ad-Din Abu Zakarriya Yahya ibn Sharaf an-Nawawi (1233-1278 CE) which describes the traits of the righteous can be found here:

And here is a compilation of the wise words of the Holy Prophet, produced by a contemporary follower of the Holy Prophet and prominent member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association; Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan (1893-1985 CE)

So apart from no mention being made of the allegedly vile practices of the Holy Prophet which you have alluded to; nowhere in these detailed traditions and sayings of the Holy Prophet is there any mention of the need for the Holy scripture to ever require reformation

And then that leads me to conclude that, you must not be willing then to understand the entirely rational and consistent injunctions that are laid out in the Holy Koran (Quran)

I say this because the Koranic teachings which you believe are the source of the – no doubt – horrific actions of the death cult we all know to be ISIS

The self described death cult that is ISIS

The self described death cult that is ISIS

e.g. as you say yourself: “It is self-evident that ISIS have got something to do with Islam,”;

These apparently ‘flawed’ teachings of the Holy Koran (according to you) are the same teachings which inform the tireless civic duty and peace promoting activities of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Association which I am fortunate enough to be a member of.

Please see website for details of activities of the Khalifa of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, worldwide and the weekly injunctions he sets out for his loyal adherents in the form of sermons held each and every Friday at approximately 1pm:

So, there is more that can be said about the news article which describes your claims and works and more can be pointed out in the way of the inconsistent statements that you have made, but for now, I would like to reserve further opinion.

I hope you can appreciate the key message I am trying to impart here

Islam does not need to be reformed. That reformation, or rather revival of the pure and pristine teachings of Islam has already taken place with the advent of the Promised Messiah – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – and his formation of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in 1889 as I mentioned earlier.

And the scripture of the Holy Koran does not need to be “challenged” as you say.

Rather, we need to identify and then “CHALLENGE” our own prejudiced misconceptions which may be hindering our acceptance of Islam as being a truly peaceful religion – a religion that was Revealed to the Holy Prophet to spread to all the people of the world;

And the religion, which offers the most complete set of social and spiritual codes of conduct, required to bring about the establishment of order and harmony in society for all times to come




Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

His Holiness: Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba) chairing a three day symposium on peace in Sydney, Australia

Please have a good hard (unprejudiced) read of the Holy Koran here:

I hope you can consider the above mentioned points carefully Maajid

And I hope that you can be guided to the right path

Sincerest Regards,

Khalid Kaleem Chohan – M.Sc in Health Psychology (University of Sydney) and is an active member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Sydney



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