In Islam, a teacher is respected like a mother

In Islam, a teacher is respected like a mother

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As a proud Australian and Muslim, I’m disturbed to read that any Muslim student would call their teacher “you’re less than the dust beneath their shoes!”. In Islam, a teacher is respected like a mother.


It is also wrong to say that Muslims don’t shake hands with women. Every Muslim I know shakes hand with his wife, sister, mother, etc. In some cultures, you meet others by kissing on cheeks. Do I really want to kiss strange girls on the cheek? No! Shaking of hands is a cultural practice in west, Asian cultures or religions also don’t shake hands when greeting.


A key attribute behind the wisdom of Islamic teaching is to prevent sin by cutting at the roots of all evil. This is why alcohol, commonly referred to as mother of all vices, is forbidden.


In Islam, any unnecessary physical contact between members of the opposite sex. However as a sign of respect, if any women without knowing expends her hand, it is wise for man to shake it to avoid her humiliation.


Islam commands men to lower their gaze when women appear and women to wear veils to guard their beauty in public, Islam holds its followers to the highest level of chastity, modesty, and purity.

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Aqeel Choudhry
Writer, Editor of, expert in Muslim youth radicalisation, Human rights activist, Engineer and active member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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